Wednesday, February 23, 2011

France's Savior Sibling Born

So, the latest savior sibling celebrity has been born in France. I'll reiterate what I said when this story broke a few months ago: What is there to stop using a heart of a savior sibling? (Clue: In this day and age, nothing at all).
France’s First Baby Born To Treat Siblings With Genetic Disorder
Newborn Umut Talha was selected from 12 embryos to serve as a stem cell donor for his siblings.
Umut Talha’s name means “our hope” in Turkish, and his birth brought some much needed good fortune into the lives of his siblings. The infant, born January 26th of this year, is France’s first reported case of a child being conceived with in vitro fertilization and genetic screening to ensure it could serve as a viable stem cell donor. more

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