Sunday, February 13, 2011

Montana Pro-Deathers Slapped Down Over Assisted Suicide

The pro-deathers thought they were well on the way to making Montana the third assisted sucide states in the US. Wrong - they got slapped down big-time. BUT don't relax, they'll be baaaacccckkkk!!!!!
Bill to set rules for doc-assisted suicide fails
Lawmakers tabled a bill Thursday that would have established rules for physician-assisted suicide — setting up a situation where Montana could remain in limbo under a 2009 court ruling that doesn't specifically prevent doctors from getting criminally charged in such cases.
The Montana Supreme Court has ruled that nothing in state law prevents a doctor from prescribing lethal drugs to mentally competent, terminally ill patients. But the court didn't determine if the state constitution guarantees the right to physician-assisted suicide.
Doctors fear they still could be prosecuted in such cases, although the high court ruling said that they could use, most likely successfully, physician-assisted suicide as a defense to homicide charges.
Many were hoping the Legislature would bring clarity to the issue — either by setting up rules or definitively saying it is banned. more

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