Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ernest Borgnine Tells Off Pro-Deathers

Given the plethora of actor-activists that think assisted sucide and euthanasia are just dandy, it's good to see one of Hollywood's own taking such strong a stand against the pro-deather madness.
Assisted suicide: Uncle Sam should just butt out
At 94, the legendary actor has developed some definitive views on life -- the decision to end it being one of them.
And though Ernest Borgnine plays an elderly widower flirting with thoughts of suicide in his latest film, the Oscar winner makes it clear he was just acting. He no more believes in suicide as an option, even in the darkest of hours, than in the growing push to make assisted suicide legal, as it is in three U.S. states.
"I think it's the most terrible thing in the world," Borgnine yelled into the cell phone during a stop last week in Fort Lauderdale to promote his new indie drama, Another Harvest Moon now playing in select theaters around the country. "You just have to stick it out. I don't care how bad it gets, there's always a little sunshine." more

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