Wednesday, April 6, 2011

A Good response To Casual Assisted Suicide

Here's a very good piece opposing the pro-deather mindset in the UK.
Why end it all just as we enter a golden age?
As Nan Maitland, 84, prepared for suicide in a Swiss apartment, she had one concern: could someone file her nail, please, as there was an uncomfortable rough edge? The night before, she had enjoyed a gourmet dinner at a top restaurant with friends; earlier, she had taken leave of her three children in Britain calmly and cheerfully.
Suicide has never been so low-key. Like Nan Maitland, many of those opting to orchestrate their final goodbye do not suffer from a cruel neurological disorder or limb-wasting disease; do not find life impossible after their beloved spouse’s death. No, like Mrs Maitland, the new breed of suicides are active and healthy but reluctant to live through “the prolonged dwindling” of those last 10 or 15 years. more

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