Monday, April 11, 2011

UK's Laws Against Assisted Suicide Approaching The Farcical

The issue of assisted suicide in the UK is approaching farce. The authorities, understandably, investigate assisted sucide as a crime - which it still is. However, after "clarifications" by the Crown Prosecutor's Office, it's clear that there's no even going to be a slap on the wrist for those who help kill others.
Daughter arrested for 'assisted suicide' after mother killed herself... because she KNEW 90-year-old wanted to die
A woman allowed her 90-year-old mother to kill herself because the pensioner could not bear the thought of dementia destroying her final years.
Olwen Green was in the early stages of the condition but was distraught after forgetting her late husband’s name for the first time.
Her daughter Megan, 60, sat with her as she took an overdose of painkillers, and then waited for her to die. more

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