Saturday, April 9, 2011

How Pro-Deathers Spin A "Good" Death

Here's a good piece about the assisted suicide of 84 year-old Nan Maitland, who said she wanted to die to "avoid old age." It shows how she was influenced by the pro-deathers and otherwise might not have chosen to get people to help kill her.
Assisted suicide case exposes agenda
A SCOTTISH pro-euthanasia group’s involvement in the death of a pensioner—who ended her life despite not being terminally ill—was exposed this week in a case pro-life campaigners said showed the true nature of the pro-euthanasia agenda.
Nan Maitland (above), an active member of Glasgow-based Friends at the End (Fate), had campaigned for change in the law over doctor-assisted death for years before travelling to a Swiss suicide clinic and ending her life last month. more

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