Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Pro-Deather Truth: Death On Demand For All, Anytime

Slippery slope, anyone?? The "debate" over a non-terminal person dying at the Swiss death clinic Dignitas is bogus - of course the pro-deathers want death on demand, anytime, anywhere, and for any reason - the heck with terminal illness. Also, why was this poor woman in so much pain from arthritis? Can we say poor pain management??????
Assisted dying campaigners split over right to die for those not terminally ill
A leading campaigner for assisted dying, who opted to die in Switzerland despite having no terminal illness, has reignited debate between supporters and opponents of the right to die.
Nan Maitland, 84, who suffered from agonising arthritis, travelled to Switzerland to end her life on 1 March. She said she didn't want to suffer a "long period of decline, sometimes called 'prolonged dwindling', that so many people unfortunately experience before they die". more

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