Friday, April 8, 2011

Aussie Nurse Union Boss In Bed With Pro-Deathers

Shocked I tell you, just shocked . . . .  (not really, this is all so predictable): First, that an Aussie nurses' union endorses euthanasia, and second, lo and behold, their stance is from the pro-deather talking point list.
Nurses union boss endorses euthanasia
Nurses are the front line of health care so their views on euthanasia matter a lot. That’s why it was so surprising to read an editorial in the Australian Nursing Journal by the president of the Australian Nursing Federation, Coral Levett, which endorses it wholeheartedly. It is a personal endorsement, but since her union has 200,000 members, her personal views are likely to influence policy-making within the Australian Labor Party, and even in the Gillard government. more

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