Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Coming Commercialization Of Assisted Kiling

What's next? Let me predict, and I'm only half-joking: We'll see (a) assisted suicide deaths broadcast live (as opposed to broadcasting one that has already happened, see below), (b) an assisted suicide live show called "The UK's Greatest Loser," (c) a "Race to the Death" competition among several patients committing assisted suicide, and (d) ersatz "discussions" among medical types about the desirability of helping people kick the bucket. I hope I'm terribly wrong.
BBC to screen man's final moments
The death of an 84-year-old man is to be broadcast on BBC One next month as part of a new series about the life cycle of the human body.
Science presenter Michael Mosley told the Radio Times it was important not to "shy away from talking about death and, when it's warranted, showing it".
"There is a case to be made for filming a peaceful, natural death," he added. more

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