Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Final Exit Network 0, Law 2

Final Exit Network is at it again. Some of their members have just had a case in Arizona go to jury and now the case in Georgia is going forward. The judge didn’t buy their defense that assisting suicide is free speech. Don’t worry, the network, which I've called the Baghdad Bob of the pro-deather movement, will carry on as if assisted sucide is legal and accepted by all. Trust me.
Ga. judge allows charges against assisted suicide group to go forward
A Georgia judge rejected a free-speech challenge to the state's law against assisted suicide, allowing a high-profile case to proceed against four members of a suicide group charged with helping a cancer-stricken man kill himself.
Forsyth County Superior Court Judge David Dickinson said in the opinion released Wednesday that "pure speech is in no way chilled or limited" by the law, siding with prosecutors in the state's case against four Final Exit Network members.
"The court understands that defendants contend that the statute criminalizes only speech," the judge wrote in the 13-page ruling. "However, the court finds that the statute requires both speech and an overt act in furtherance of assisting in the suicide." more

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