Thursday, April 5, 2012

Best-Selling Author Backs Assisted Suicide

Here we go again – the arts getting into supporting legitimating assisted suicide, in this case, the best-selling author Jodi Picoult. There’s no doubt that as these things creep into books, the average reader will be influenced to accept pro-death ideas.
Jodi Picoult On New Novel 'Lone Wolf', Supporting Assisted Suicide And Why She's Against Self-Publishing
Jodi Picoult, the outspoken author of 'ethical fiction', has written 19 novels and topped the New York Times bestseller list on five different occasions.
Her latest book Lone Wolf follows Luke Baxter, a man obsessed with wolves who goes into a coma following a car accident. It traces the dilemma then faced his children in trying to decide whether to keep him alive artificially or let him die.
Here she talks about researching the book in Devon, and expresses her opinions on everything from assisted suicide to the current trend for self-publishing. more

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