Tuesday, April 17, 2012

UK Pro-Deathers Push The Envelope - Again

Well, there’s not even been a change in the UK to allow assisted suicide, but already proponents are pushing for expanding whatever law might be passed to include people like Tony Nicklinson killing themselves.
Tony Nicklinson questions Lord Falconer over right to die report
Tony Nicklinson, 58, from Melksham, became paralysed from the neck down following a stroke in 2005, and is unable to take his own life.
A recent Commission on Assisted Dying report said the terminally ill should be able to end their lives voluntarily.
Mr Nicklinson met report author Lord Falconer earlier, saying he wants a doctor to be allowed to end his life.
The Commission on Assisted Dying (CAD) published a report in January which concluded there was a "strong case" for allowing assisted suicide for people who are terminally ill. more

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