Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Mexico Doctor Wants "Clarification" Of State's Assisted Suicide Law

Just as Georgia has passed tough law against assisted suicide and euthanasia, and as Louisiana seeks to do so, a pro-death New Mexico doctor is seeking to “clarify” that state’s laws banning assisted suicide. This is how it often begins – seeking “clarification,” then calling for a “discussion,” then lining up a blue ribbon commission stacked with pro-deathers, and, finally, serious challenges to standing law. If you live in New Mexico, start opposing this madness now.
Doctors seek clarity in New Mexico's assisted suicide law
Dr. Aroop Mangalik has been a cancer specialist for 30 years. He cares for a lot of people who are nearing the end of their lives. Sometimes—rarely—a terminally ill person in a lot of pain asks for a lethal dose of medication. "And the few times that request has been made, I told the patient, Sorry, given the law in New Mexico, I cannot do that."
It's a hard thing to say, he acknowledges, when someone is suffering immensely and there is no cure in sight. "We try and find as many other ways as we can to keep them comfortable." more

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