Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Great Canadian Example Of Pro-Death Spin

Here’s a very good example of pro-death spin, this time from Canada.
Is a dignified death too much to ask?
At 87, Lochan Bakshi’s sharp mind has decided when to free his failing body.
When he dies — sooner rather than later, he plans — he wants his body to be burned, the ashes mixed with garden soil and used to plant a rose bush. When the flower buds, he imagines his grandsons exclaiming, “ ‘Grandpa has come to life.’ That is my reincarnation. What else?”
The retired biology professor has thought hard about death and about the way he wants it to arrive. After all, he’s seen men like himself hunched over in chairs in long-term-care centres, their minds absent, unaware there hasn’t been a visitor for years.
His cousin had a massive stroke that stole his memory and his mind. He would sit in his own mire until the next nursing visit, bathed by his caring wife. “It struck me: why should he be like this? Why not just finish it? He’s just a vegetable,” Bakshi said to her. “ ‘You mean kill my husband? I can’t kill him,’ ” she responded. more

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