Monday, April 30, 2012

Pro-Deather Medicos Turned Back In Wisconsin

There’s been a largely behind-the-scenes effort to convince the Wisconsin Medical Society to change their position to accept assisted suicide as a medical treatment. This latest effort has been turned back, but I’m surer this isn’t the last we’ll hear of these pro-death efforts.
Doctor-Prescribed Suicide and the Wisconsin Medical Society
Proponents of doctor-prescribed suicide (also known as assisted suicide) have traveled a long road in attempts to legalize the practice in Wisconsin.   In seven consecutive legislative sessions, from 1997 to 2205, legislation was introduced in Wisconsin to legalize assisted suicide, but the bills gained no traction beyond a few public hearings.
Attention appears now to have turned to persuading the Wisconsin Medical Society (WMS) to change its position from one in opposition to legalization to one in support, or to at least be neutral. This is understandable because the opposition of state medical associations has been critical in turning back doctor-prescribed suicide initiatives across the land. The latest attempt to co-opt the WMS failed a week ago. more

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