Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The Dutch: Pro-Death Energizer Bunnies

So nice to know that death doctors in the Netherlands are still spinning how great it is to have legal medicalized killing as part of everyday life. Prediction: The Dutch will continue to find more novel ways of killing more and more of their citizens.
Push for the Right to Die Grows in the Netherlands
It was 1989, and Dr. Petra de Jong, a Dutch pulmonologist, was asked for help by a terminally ill patient, a man in great pain with a large cancerous tumor in his trachea. He wanted to end his life.
She gave the man pentobarbital, a powerful barbiturate — but not enough. It took him nine hours to die.
“I realize now that I did things wrong,” Dr. de Jong, 58, said in an interview in her office here. “Today you can Google it, but we didn’t know.”
Her warm and sincere manner belies, or perhaps attests to, her calling. The man was the first of 16 patients whom Dr. de Jong, now the head of the euthanasia advocacy group Right to Die-NL, has helped to achieve what she calls “a dignified death.”
Founded in 1973, Right to Die-NL has been at the forefront of the movement to make euthanasia widely available in the Netherlands, even as the practice remains highly controversial elsewhere. Polls find that an overwhelming majority of the Dutch believe euthanasia should be available to suffering patients who want it, and thousands formally request euthanasia every year. more

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