Friday, April 13, 2012

Former French President Euthanized?

Bit of a dust-up in France after allegations that former President Mitterand was euthanized. Interesting seeing that assisted suicide and euthanasia are heated debate topics in the current run-up to the next French presidential elections.
'Ex-French prez Mitterrand's death was by euthanasia'
Former French President Francois Mitterrand was given a fatal intravenous injection to end his life at his own request, according to a new book.
Mitterrand died in his 80s in 1996 after suffering from cancer for fifteen years, but his illness remained a closely guarded secret while he was alive.
A book written by two French journalists, Denis Demonpion and Laurent Leger, has now revealed that the president's personal doctor Claude Gubler said Mitterrand suffered from cancer during the whole of his presidency and that in his last year in power he was "incapable of carrying out his duties". more

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