Tuesday, April 24, 2012

NZ Pro-Deather Unrepentant

There’s something profoundly wrong with someone being unrepentant for helping kill someone, in this case convicted New Zealander Sean Davison.
'I'd do exactly the same thing again'
Convicted criminal Sean Davison became a free man again yesterday, and the first thing he did was walk in the surf at Dunedin's St Clair beach.
"I didn't sleep a wink all night, I was so excited. I was like a kid waiting for a Christmas stocking. They came around at 10am and cut my home detention bracelet off. You can see a bit of a scar where it was," he said, showing his left ankle.
The South Africa-based scientist was convicted in October of aiding the death of his 85-year-old terminally-ill mother, Dunedin doctor Patricia Davison, in 2006 after a trial which ignited debate on voluntary euthanasia in New Zealand and South Africa.
He pleaded guilty to a charge that he "counselled and procured" his mother to commit suicide and was sentenced to five months' home detention.
"I have no regrets about what I did to assist my mother to her death, because I did nothing wrong," he said. more

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