Thursday, April 26, 2012

NZ: How To Make A Crime Not A crime

Ah yes – something is a crime. People are convicted for doing the crime. People don’t like the fact that they’re being convicted for the crime. Ergo, the law is wrong because the crime really isn’t a crime. Amazing.
Euthanasia Bill would end 'meaningless' prosecutions
Labour Party list MP Maryan Street told a packed public meeting yesterday her proposed "end of life choices" private member's Bill would avoid the "meaningless prosecution" of people like Prof Sean Davison.
Prof Davison, a South African-based scientist, was convicted in October of aiding the death of his 85-year-old terminally-ill mother, Dunedin doctor Patricia Davison, in 2006, after a trial that sparked debate on voluntary euthanasia in New Zealand and South Africa.
Earlier this week, he completed five months' home detention to which he had been sentenced after admitting a charge he "counselled and procured" his mother to commit suicide. more

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