Monday, April 16, 2012

Confusing End Of Life Issues Is No Help At All

This is a very confusing report – I’m not aware of anyone who opposes assisted suicide and euthanasia suggesting that palliative care and palliative sedation are “euthanasia.” If there are people who are making such charges, they are pretty ignorant of the issues they’re talking about.
End-of-life care: Pain control carries risk of being called a killer
Three decades after hospice emerged as the standard of care for terminally ill patients, the end-of-life treatments that palliative medicine physicians provide are frequently referred to as murder, euthanasia and killing.
More than half of hospice and palliative medicine physicians say patients, family members and even other health professionals have used those terms to describe care they recommended or implemented within the last five years, according to a nationwide survey of 663 palliative care doctors in the March Journal of Palliative Medicine. more

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