Monday, April 5, 2010

Futile Care Alive & Well In West Virginia

Here's the brutal side of the pro-death scene: Hospitals ordering treatment stopped on a patient because they think that medical treatment is not going to help the patient get better, and against the wishes of the family. The pro-deathers have a lot of very unconvincing arguments, but in the end futile care is simply a way of ensuring that money isn't "wasted" by treating those who won't get better. Simple, really: If you're medically expensive, and can get better, you get the treatment. If you can't - too bad, we won 't treat you any more.
West Virginia Hospital Will Continue Care for Woman
Attorneys from the Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) secured a court order on Friday that extends care for a 40-year-old woman on dialysis.
Officials at Ruby Memorial Hospital had said they would end treatment against the wishes of the woman’s family. They agreed to continue care until April 9 while Rebecca Bennett’s family finds her another facility. more

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