Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ah, Yes, The Joy Of Euthanasia

Usually all but the most rabid pro-deathers couch their nihilism in rosy euphemisms that lead directly away from the heinous horror of assisted suicide and euthanasia. But every now and then, someone can’t help themselves showing the vitriol they really feel against those of us who think bumping people off is a bad thing. This hit-job from Aussie.
Checking out with dignity
. . . I caught up with Marijke a while ago to meet her new man, Rene, a Dutch cardiologist. The little boys and I rolled up to a breakfast by the sea. Whole-wheat pancakes, bowls of stewed fruit the colour of jewels, fluffy clouds of yoghurt, steaming cups of coffee and light streaming in. At the moment I was reflecting on what a healthy sight it was, Rene pushed his chair back and lit a cigar. At the table.
I love Europeans.
He turned to me and said: "Cathy, did Marijke tell you how we met?"
"No, she didn't."
He took a drag of his cigar and said: ''I killed her father." more

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