Thursday, April 15, 2010

Obamacare Promoting Assisted Suicide

My esteemed colleague Rita Marker has written an excellent piece over at American Thinker about how Obamacare could be used to provide assisted suicide to minors without their parents even knowing about it. I’m not optimistic she wrong.
ObamaCare High School: Reading, Writing, and Suicide Assistance?
. . . Consider the following.
A number of life-threatening (indeed, terminal) conditions can be diagnosed in a clinic or through a referral to a hospital on an outpatient basis. A student may be diagnosed through an SBHC's clinic with acute leukemia or melanoma -- all within school hours, when her parents believe she is in class or at band practice. And she could, under the state's law, be "qualified" for assisted suicide, since, in Washington (as well as in Oregon and Montana), the crime of assisted suicide has been transformed into a "medical treatment." That treatment is available to qualified patients who are at least 18 years old.
Within two weeks of her initial diagnosis, the student who had been looking forward to going to the prom could instead be referred to Compassion & Choices, the assisted suicide advocacy organization formerly called the Hemlock Society. (Compassion & Choices is the go-to group for assisted suicide services, responsible for facilitating most reported assisted suicide deaths in Washington and Oregon.)
Before her parents even knew she was ill, she could be given a prescription for a lethal drug overdose. She could take it. And die. more

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