Monday, April 5, 2010

Aussie Assisted Suicide As Political Act - Yeah, Sure

Seems like many elderly Aussies are swallowing pro-deather spin hook, line, and sinker. Aussie Dr. Death, Philip Nitschke is holding workshops on how the elderly can get information about assisted suicide by getting around the proposed Aussie national web filter that would block such information from being accessed.
Elderly learn to beat euthanasia blacklist
PAMELA LAZEMBY, 82, has beaten cancer: she has no fear of learning how to beat the law.
''Now I'm on borrowed time I can afford to live dangerously,'' she said after attending the first in a series of workshops teaching people how to circumvent a proposed law restricting access to some internet sites, expected to include some on euthanasia.
Websites associated with Exit International and its suicide manual, the Peaceful Pill Handbook, are expected to be refused classification and therefore to be inaccessible from Australian computers once a mandatory internet filter is in place.
Ms Lazemby has nursed four elderly people to death and is determined she will not end up in a nursing home. If the time comes, she says she may want information about how to end her life. ''I'm not going to let that happen to me,'' she said. more

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