Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sad: The Suffering Choose Death Rather Than Comfort

I don’t question the fact that Allan Peters was suffering and felt hopeless. As expected, the pro-deathers are quick to assert the argument that this (and other) cases mean we should legalize assisted suicide. Balderdash. Read the whole piece, where doctors tell the other side – that Peters could have been helped and made comfortable. There’s also another pro-deather clue in the story – Peters left a note saying that he believed in euthanasia. Very sad, desperate people trying to make themselves poster people for the pro-death cause before killing themselves.
Public suicide in Calif. raises tough issue of assisted suicide
The very public suicide this week of a Placerville, Calif. man suffering from severe emphysema raises prickly medical and ethical questions that many would prefer not to mull.
Most pointedly: How bad does the suffering have to get before a patient says, enough, and takes his life? And, how can a patient and medical provider manage terminal illness so that people aren't driven to take their own lives?
For Allan Leo Peters II, 64, those answers weren't forthcoming. He hanged himself Wednesday from a local bridge after delivering a note to a local newspaper, calling his condition unbearable. more

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