Friday, April 2, 2010

Language Watch: "Dignity Havens"

Remember: they who control the language control the debate.
Latest in the pro-death spin lexicon comes from New Zealand, which is currently a pro-deather hotbed. Thus article describes a dust-up of two different pro-death factions. Have at it, I say. BUT the significance of the piece was a term I’d not seen before: “Dignity Havens.” The idea here is to create areas of hospices where people could go to commit assisted suicide or to be euthanized. Given the significant infiltration into the hospice movement by the pro-deathers, we need to watch this carefully.
Gloves off in pro-euthanasia camps
Pro-euthanasia groups are trading barbs after an American woman was charged with helping a woman in New Zealand kill herself . . .
"This is the first example of the police being employed by one faction of the right-to-die movement to pursue those with an alternative view."
He also described Ms Martin's idea of "dignity havens" – hospices that include assisted suicide options – as quaint. more

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