Thursday, April 15, 2010

UK Pressure Builds To OK Assisted Suicide

Debbie Purdy, the Brit who forced a UK legal clarification on assisted suicide (which actually muddied the waters even more) gas now gone public castigating PM Gordon Brown for wanting to leave assisted suicide sanctions on the books. Gotta giver her credit – she doesn’t quit – until, I guess, she travels to Switzerland to kill herself.
Woman quizzes PM on suicide law
A multiple sclerosis sufferer from Bradford has challenged Gordon Brown over his opposition to legalizing assisted suicide.
Debbie Purdy won a landmark victory last year after forcing clarification on whether her husband would be prosecuted for helping her to die.
During a pre-election question and answer session in Leeds, Ms Purdy urged the Prime Minister to change the law.
Mr. Brown insisted that the law must stand.
Ms Purdy said: "Can we, the electorate, trust politicians that we elect to seriously consider the experience of jurisdictions where assisted suicide is legal - to consider how to implement that in this country? more

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