Thursday, April 22, 2010

No Euthanasia Because They Sometimes Wake Up

Yes, folks, one very good reason to resist euthanasia for people in persistent unresponsive states – sometimes, even after many years, they wake up!!
The Death-trap of Euthanasia
Nineteen years in a coma,  the case of Jan Grzebski, a 65 year-old Polish man, was reported by various media around the world. He became known for the extraordinary fact that he woke up from a long physical absence, rather than a spiritual one.
A rail worker, in 1988 he suffered a serious labor related accident and fell into a deep coma. However, he regained his consciousness back completely in 2007. He affirms that, during those years of apparent unconsciousness, he was aware of all that was happening around him, even though he couldn’t move nor speak. more

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