Friday, April 9, 2010

Spinning The Data For Euthanasia On Demand

A new report from the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research is trumpeting that over the last several years requests for euthanasia have been stable (Think of that, there are actually places in the world were you can legally ask doctors to kill you). Well, SPIN ALERT: The requests may have been stable, but the number of actual euthanasias has increased dramatically. That is, more people who ask for euthanasia are being killed. This august report also makes the case for making euthanasia more widely available by including it in medical school curricula and that medical facilities should develop policies and procedures for carrying our euthanasia. Yes, folks, the medical community wants training for doctors in how to make you kick the bucket. Nice.
No increase in euthanasia since legalisation
The number of requests for euthanasia in the Netherlands has not risen since an act to decriminalise it came into force in 2002. The finding comes in a study by NIVEL, the Netherlands Institute for Health Services Research, published in the British Journal of General Practice. more

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