Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Negative Effect Of A Doctor Calling For Legit Euthanasia

Just as I predicted – authority-figure-doctor-terminally-ill calls for euthanasia, and a newspaper then polls whether euthanasia should be legalized. Hey presto!!! The public agrees. What a shock, I tell you!!
Legalising euthanasia wins huge support
Dr John Pollock says euthanasia should be a basic right.
Legalising euthanasia has won huge support from readers of the, reflecting the earlier findings of scientific public opinion polls.
By last night, 82 per cent of poll respondents said euthanasia should be legalised.
The poll was started after 61-year-old Auckland GP Dr John Pollock, who has just months to live after being diagnosed with metastatic melanoma, spoke out in favour of voluntary euthanasia. more

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