Friday, July 2, 2010

Here’s a fine example of the popular attitude toward assisted suicide – the horror story, and then the “brave” declaration of favoring assisted suicide. It’s this popular perception that is the most effective pro-deather propaganda.
I weep to see mum like this . . . if I ever get dementia, I’ll go to Dignitas
SINGER turned reality TV star David Van Day cradles his mother's hand and speaks softly to be sure she is sleeping.
"Mum... Mum... " Penny, 83, continues to breathe deeply.
The frontman of Eighties pop band Dollar and former contestant on hit show I'm A Celebrity then makes a shocking statement.
Looking at his sleeping mother, he reveals he would take his own life if he was ever diagnosed with her condition.
Referring to the assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, David confesses: "If this happens to me and I'm diagnosed with dementia, I'll head straight to Dignitas." more

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