Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Why Punish Loved Ones By Telling Them You're Going To Commit Suicide?

This is a tough story to read, and only partly because it describes in detail a dead man walking. What bothers me most, however, is the creepy way suicide is portrayed as a brave and logical act. It’s not, it’s selfish and narcissistic. Even Dan Treecraft admits that it’s going to be hard on  his wife. So my question is: Why would someone want to put their wife through this? Dan has no answer. Utterly predictable.
The last word against cancer: His prognosis terminal, Dan Treecraft isn’t waiting for death to come to him
Jan and Dan Treecraft share quality time at their Spokane home on June 27. Dan is suffering from tongue cancer and has decided to take his own life.
Sometimes he struggles with conversation. Droplets of spit, even blood, escape his mouth like wrong answers. He grimaces when swallowing.
He hates these moments, bringing a fist to his lips and looking away. He apologizes and then quickly leans close, eyes afire with a new thought, a new criticism of a medical system he sees as a greed-driven industry that is flipping off fate and getting rich doing it.
He frets over the idea of dying in a hospital, fed through a tube, dimmed by painkillers and hooked to machines. And the tests. Tests upon tests costing thousands of dollars that will confirm what he and everybody else already knows: Dan Treecraft, 61, is going to die. more

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