Friday, July 9, 2010

Montana Seeks To Formally Legalize Assisted Suicide

In Baxter v. Montana, a state judge opened the legal back door to assisted suicide perhaps becoming legal in that state. Predictably, the pro-deathers are at it again. This time they’ve convinced a state senator to introduce formal legislation to completely legalize assisted suicide in Montana. Let’s hope they fail. I’ll keep you up to date on this important issue.
Missoula lawmaker wants to implement court’s physician-assisted suicide ruling
HELENA — A Missoula legislator is having a bill drafted to implement a 2009 Montana Supreme Court decision to allow physician-assisted suicide when a terminally ill patient requests it.
Democratic Rep. Dick Barrett, who is unopposed for re-election, said he will introduce the bill in the 2011 Legislature, which convenes in January. He asked the legislative staff to draft the bill. more

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