Tuesday, July 20, 2010

UK: Here Comes A Case To Test Allowing Euthanasia Upon Request

This is going to be most interesting. While the Brits are soft-pedaling any prosecution of people who help others commit assisted suicide, the recent meal-mouthed government “clarification” of the law was clear in one respect: That helping someone commit suicide would be overlooked and not prosecuted (go figure) BUT that euthanizing someone (that is, actually killing them, not helping them do it themselves) is murder or manslaughter. That’s exactly what Tony Nicklinson wants – his wife to kill him because he wants to die but can’t kill himself because he’s paralyzed. Prediction: it’ll happen, there’ll be a video of the killing, the media will go wild, and the authorities, amidst an orgiastic tsunami of pro-death spin, will fold. Trust me.
Euthanasia: "mercy killing" law to be tested
The case of Tony Nicklinson will re-open the debate on assisted dying and so-called "mercy killing". He has locked-in syndrome, following a stroke. Unable to talk, he communicates by blinking or nodding his head. He also has a specially adapted computer with a push-button control.
Mr Nicklinson is not able to travel, but I met his wife Jane and daughters Beth and Lauren at their solicitors in London. Mrs Nicklinson read out a statement that he had dictated to her: more

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