Wednesday, July 21, 2010

NZ Doctor Says No Euthanasia Among Elderly - Run Away, Quick!!!

So, a geriatric physician, highly experienced, says he’s never seen or heard of euthanasia of old people. My advice: Stay clear of him, he’s obviously clueless and unobservant.
Doctor refutes claims of patient euthanasia
A specialist who has worked with geriatric patients for two decades, has said he has never seen any doctor perform euthanasia.
On Tuesday night's Close Up programme Dr John Pollock, who is terminally ill, claimed many doctors are already practising euthanasia.
"It's called pain control or anxiety control, but the reality is many of the doctors who do this are deliberately shortening the lifespan of the patient, quite rightly," claimed Pollock.
But on Breakfast today, Professor Martin Connolly from North Shore Hospital's geriatric unit, said he has never known of it. more

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