Monday, July 19, 2010

The Brits Push The Assisted Suicide Envelope Even More

Well, I saw this coming. The relentless assault against reason and to legalize assisted suicide is taking a significant turn. Until now in the UK, people have gone to the Dignitas death clinic in Switzerland for assisted suicide, and the big tut-tut was that those who helped them get there might be prosecuted when they returned to the UK, where it’s a crime to assist in a suicide. That whole idea has collapsed with all the brave “heroes” ‘fessing up to having indeed aided and abetted suicide. The UK government folded, issuing a mealy-mouthed “clarification” of the law, which actually opened the door to assisted suicide even wider. NOW a guy who can’t get to Switzerland. Guess what? He wants assisted suicide in the UK. Nah, who would have ever thought this would happen (please forgive slight cynicism)?
Locked in syndrome man asks High Court for right to die
A man with "locked-in syndrome", who can move just his head and eyes, has launched a legal bid to allow his wife to end his life.
Tony Nicklinson, 56, who can only communicate by blinking and nodding at letters on a board, wants his wife to carry out a mercy killing without facing a murder charge.
He is seeking clarification from the High Court to make sure that, if he asks her to help him die, she will not be prosecuted and given a mandatory life sentence. more

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