Friday, July 2, 2010

Pro-Deather Spin At Its Finest

See, this is how the pro-death spin seeps into the public consciousness. Reading this, you’d think that the PBS special on Craig Ewert committing assisted sucide at Swiss clinic Dignitas was a beautiful thing. I’ve seen the documentary several times, and it’s creepily devoid of emotion. Watch the documentary of you get the chance and tell me that if that was your loved one, that you’d behave so coldly as they decided to kill themselves. Chilling.
‘Dignity’ law could use fix
Last week’s story about a Portland psychiatrist may revive the debate on assisted suicide in Oregon. If so, it might lead to improvements in the law, which now requires people to do the act without anyone helping them. . . .
We can learn far more from a documentary that appeared last week on public television’s Frontline program. It told the story of an American in his 60s who had been teaching computer science in England and got Lou Gehrig’s disease after retiring. By the time he was filmed, he could barely move and needed oxygen from a tank. He could do nothing on his own. His wife helped with everything. But he could still speak. And he explained, eloquently, why he had chosen to end his life before he lost the ability to swallow. more

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