Thursday, July 8, 2010

Don't Worry Scotland: Prosecution Probably Won't Happen

The Scots are currently getting their kilts in a knot over a proposal to legalize assisted suicide. Now the medicos are worried that if the proposal succeeds, nurses might be vulnerable to be convicted of homicide or manslaughter. My somewhat cynical view is that the medical community shouldn’t worry – once assisted suicide is legalized, the authorities will not have the you-know-what to prosecute. Look at what’s happened in England.
Warning over controversial proposals to assist suicide
Controversial proposals to legalise assisted suicide could lead to health-care workers being criminalised, it has been claimed.
The Royal College of Nursing in Scotland (RCN) fears that staff, who may feel pressurised to help a terminally-ill patient they have developed a relationship with, could be prosecuted. more

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