Monday, November 29, 2010

Albania Pro-Deathers Raise Their Evil heads

Ya know, where do you begin with this stuff? Albania is jumping in to the pro-deather camp with the same evil poppycock as was used in Western Europe to justify medicalized killing – it’s happening anyway, so why not make it legal. If you’re reading this in Albania, you better start opposing this nihilistic madness.
The actuality and the historical background of covert Euthanasia in Albania
Euthanasia is not legal in Albania, yet there is strong evidence that euthanising a terminally ill patient is not an unknown concept for the Albanians. . . . There is a trend among relatives and laymen taking care of terminally ill patients to apply tranquilisers in an abusive dosage, or even against medical advice, aiming at sedating the ailing patient. These actions, the refusal to keep on consistently applying life prolonging treatment, and other data, suggest that covert euthanasia is a practice and legal interventions are needed towards formalising it. more

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