Wednesday, November 17, 2010

South African Press In The Tank For Euthanasia

I’m ashamed to say that the country of my birth, South Africa, is drinking the pro-death Kool Aid. Truth is, Sean Davidson flew to New Zealand from South Africa to euthanize his mother. He succeeded, but it’s a crime in NZ, so he’s in jail awaiting trial. But the opening of this story is how awful it is that he missed the birth of his new son. Duh – if you’re so boneheaded as to commit a crime in a foreign country, then perhaps you should have considered that you might, just might, get arrested.
Mercy killing: A wife's anguish
Sean Davison never got to hear the first words uttered by his baby son. The South African professor being held in New Zealand over the death of his cancer-stricken mother from a morphine overdose has not seen his family in Cape Town for over two months. more

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