Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Does Your Doctor Favor Euthanasia? Better Check!

If this piece tells me anything at all, it’s that you better have a little heart-to-heart with your doctor to make sure your views about end of life issues are in sync with yours, because if they aren’t, things might be a tad iffy if you ever are in need of end of life information.
Exclusive Ethics Survey: "Doctor, Will You Help Me Die?"
Doctors are sharply divided over the question of physician-assisted suicide.
In August-September 2010, Medscape electronically surveyed over 10,000 physicians representing all specialties. Respondents answered a series of ethics questions, including the following: "Are there situations in which physician-assisted suicide should be allowed?" Of the more respondents, 45.8% answered "Yes"; 40.7% answered "No"; and 13.5% said "It depends." more

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