Monday, November 22, 2010

Pain And Thinking You Are A Burden Should NEVER Be An Excuse For Asking To Be Killed

This from near my home country of South Africa. It is an exemplar of how the pro-deathers spin things, although the subject of the story is not a pro-deather, I’m sure. This poor man wants to die because he is in pain and sees himself as a burden to those around him. See?? This is why we should medalcalize killing!! At least that’s what the pro-deathers say.
LUDZIDZINI Royal Residence Governor and popular radio man Jim ‘Mbhokane’ Gama says he is a sick man. Gama, who became popular for his radio problem-solving programme known as Khalamdumbadumbane, wished he died when he suffered a stroke and subsequently a swollen foot sometime last year.
Up to now, Gama believes death could be the only way out for him because of the pain he endures everyday because of his ailment, which he claimed doctors have failed to arrest.
“Life is hell for me, I am going through heavy pain,” he said.
In his baritone voice, Gama said at one point he wished the country had a law that allowed Euthanasia (whereby the law allows a doctor relative to administer lethal medicine to terminally ill patients for them to die). more

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