Sunday, November 21, 2010

Yes: Palliative Care Over Legalized Killing - Always

This is a very good piece out of Canada. The bottom line: We had better improve palliative care, or we may be overwhelmed with a tide of pro-death rhetoric that will make legalized killing the only alternative for people with medical and other disabilities.
A crisis in dying Care
When 72-year-old Alice was diagnosed with breast cancer, she bravely faced a mastectomy and chemotherapy treatment in Calgary. Although she had been declared cancer free at the end of five years, she began to experience heart problems, and received a pacemaker. By the time she reached age 88, Alice's pacemaker was starting to fail, and her cardiologist recommended a new one. Just six weeks after receiving her new pacemaker, Alice was hospitalized for what the doctors initially believed was pneumonia. In fact, the cancer had returned and had metastasized in her lungs. Her decline was swift, and she instructed the doctors and family members that she didn't want any more interventions to extend her life. more

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