Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Already Aussie Pro-Deathers Promise To Be Back Next Year

Pay attention, folks. As I’ve often mentioned here, just because pro-deathers get defeated, it doesn’t mean they give up. The just try again, again, again, you get the picture. A proposed bill legalizing euthanasia has just gone down in flames in Aussie, and already the pro-deathers promise to be back next year. Stay vigilant!!
Door 'open' for euthanasia Bill return
PROPONENTS of a voluntary euthanasia Bill that failed in the Upper House on Wednesday say the Bill could return for a vote next year.
The Bill, prepared by Greens MLC Mark Parnell and ALP backbencher Steph Key, was defeated "on the voices" and did not go to a vote after debate indicated it would be defeated.
Mr Parnell said some key members had expressed in-principle support for voluntary euthanasia which had "left the door open" for future legislation.
"Of course we are disappointed the Bill didn't pass the Upper House last night, but this by no means is the end of the debate," he said. more

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