Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Indian Disabled Push Back Against Euthanasia Musical

Here’s some push-back to the new Indian musical about euthanasia. Good for Indians with disabilities who are questioning the premise and bigotry that says if you have a disability, you’re probably better off dead.
Hope scores over death
Hrithik Roshan may be winning accolades for convincingly playing a quadriplegic, Ethan, in Guzaarish but the fact that his character resorts to euthanasia is being regarded in poor light. Activists and even those living with physical challenges believe the film sets a poor example. For the lakhs of Indians suffering from spinal injuries who brave each day, trying to live a normal life despite their injuries, the film seems to ignore their need for hope and validation. Hrithik’s character’s plea for euthanasia goes against the grain in a country that boasts of glowing examples of quadriplegic survivors living successful, productive, happy lives. more

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