Monday, November 22, 2010

Terri Schiavo Forgotten: Perversion Is Now Legit

If you read nothing else I post on this news blog, please read this piece from my dear friend & colleague, Bobby Schindler, the brother of Terri Schiavo. As always, Bobby hits the proverbial nail on the head: Terri is forgotten because talking about abuse of the disabled is something we’d rather not do.
From Unthinkable to Ordinary
Last week, former U.S. President, George W. Bush released a memoir of his tenure in office called “Decision Points.” In this 500-plus page account, Bush revisits a number of official and personal events, as well as choices that shaped both his presidency and his attitudes in private life.
I was disappointed to learn that Bush’s actions in March of 2005—that led to the passage of Terri’s Law—were not a part of this account. On March 20, 2005 in what was called the Palm Sunday Compromise, Congress passed “Relief of the Parents of Theresa Marie Schiavo”—a law that gave the Federal court access to review of the case to dehydrate my sister, Terri Schiavo, to death. President Bush left his home in Texas—in the middle of the night—to return to Washington, D.C. in order to sign this bill into law. more

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