Monday, November 29, 2010

Stunning Pro-Death Spin From The Netherlands

As jaded as I am, even I occasionally gasp at the media pro-death spin. The conclusion of this Dutch piece is that everything in the Netherlands around euthanasia is just fine, and it’s not abused. Now, if you believe that, write me a letter, because I’m the King of the World.
Ten years on: who will follow the Dutch example on euthanasia?
Today it is ten years since the Netherlands passed a law legalising euthanasia. This made the Netherlands the first country in the world to establish legal guidelines for ending a human life. But why has almost no other country followed the Dutch example?
The Netherlands likes to see itself as an ethical guide that other countries should follow. In 2001, the Mayor of Amsterdam presided over the first same-sex marriage while the world looked on. Since then, over ten countries have legalised same-sex unions.
One year earlier, the Netherlands became the first country to adopt a law on euthanasia. This was another Dutch breakthrough that attracted the attention of the world, but it did not inspire widespread admiration. Only two other countries have ventured to follow in the Netherlands’ footsteps: Belgium in 2002 and Luxembourg in 2009. more

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