Saturday, November 20, 2010

Scots MP Plays Victim Over Defeated Assisted Suicide Measure

Margo MacDonald has been trying for years to get the Scots Parliament to legalize assisted suicide. Earlier this week, she failed again. What to do? Why, play the victim card? The reason it failed was because of those other nasty MPs who are “hostile” to her. Give me a break . . .
Macdonald Accuses Fellow MSPs for Rejecting Bill on Assisted Suicide
On Thursday, the hopes for an assisted suicide Bill shattered with a major Holyrood committee saying that it could not back the legislation for right-to-die.
Margo Macdonald, an independent MSP and the one who sponsored the End of Life Assistance Bill alleged her fellow MSPs for rejecting the Bill on the basis of their known hostility. She called for the assessment of criticism made by those MSPs to the Bill in that perspective. more

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