Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Dutch Euthanasia On The Rise - I'm shocked, I Tell You!!

They’re killing more people in the Netherlands than ever. Nah, say it ain’t so!! Of course it’s increasing, especially the group who are killed without ever asking for euthanasia. If you leglaize it, they will die . . .
Steep rise in official Dutch euthanasia
An English translation of the government report on 2009 euthanasia cases in the Netherlands has been released. It includes the statistics about reported cases plus a number of fascinating case studies, including three in which the doctor did not comply with the criteria.
As BioEdge reported back in June, official notifications increased sharply in 2009, from from 2,331 in 2008 to 2,636 – a rise of 13%. In nearly all cases, the patient was suffering from cancer and died at home. The euthanasing doctor was nearly always a general practitioner. more

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