Monday, November 22, 2010

UK: Husband Kills Wife Because She Asks - How's That Different From What The Pro-Deathers Want?

Ok, I’m sorry, but in the UK the hypocrisy continues. Wife plans to commit suicide. Asks husband to finish it off if she doesn’t get it right. She doesn’t, he kills her – and he’s up on murder charges? His mistake? His suicidal wife gonr to the Netherlands and asked for euthanasia and a doctor would have happily helped her out. Amazingly astonishing.
Wife is smothered to death by pensioner husband after her failed suicide bid inspired by 'Midsomer Murders'
Pensioner George Webb says he smothered his 75-year-old wife after she failed in her bid to commit suicide
A pensioner killed his 75-year-old wife after a failed suicide attempt inspired by an episode of Midsomer Murders, a court heard yesterday.
Beryl Webb took an overdose of tablets and allegedly told husband Hugh, 73, to smother her if ‘she didn’t go’.
Fearing she was coming round, Webb suffocated her. more

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